Assembling RS/6000

Recently one old IBM RS/6000 system fell in my hands. It’s a server running on PowerPC 604e 166 MHz RISC processor with 256MB of main memory and 2 hard drives of 2GB capacity each. Nothing interesting you would say. But behind this little peace of crap there is huge history. Find everything out from video.

This video footage is in High Definition quality. Therefore watch it full screen. If you have slow Internet connection then just choose 360p low quality.  Music delivers half of fan from the video. So watch with sound or do not watch.

Please respond if you like it or not. Or leave any other thoughts which come up to your mind during watching. Just click “Leave a Comment” at the bottom of the post.

And the last thing. Guys, is not that serious. Treat this video with humor. It was recorded with irony in mind.

Thank you for watching.

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2 Responses to “Assembling RS/6000”

  1. demid Says:

    This box will outlast the human civilization.

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