Installation of WinXP on the Asus Eee PC

There are several steps you will need to do to install Windows XP on drive-less Eee PC from usb-key:

  1. Integrate SATA drivers into distribution via nLite. You can download SATA drivers form vendor’s site.
  2. Make usb-key bootable via BootSect.
  3. Copy WinXP distribution on usb-key via usb_prep8.
  4. Boot from usb-key and install the distribution.
  5. Then change boot.ini if needed.

Sad thing about reinstalling OS on netbook from usb-key is a necessity of removing all hard drive partitions before installation, including EFI partition for Boot Booster feature and also Asus Recovery partition.

All process in detail has been described many times throughout the Internet. Russian users can find description of installation process here: And restoration of EFI here:

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