Intel RAID 1

When I was overclocking my system I needed to update my BIOS to the latest version. After an update my system didn’t boot. I guess because BIOS configuration options saved in ROM weren’t compatible with new BIOS. I erased configuration and system booted just fine. But I had RAID 1 configuration and it was also erased. I entered BIOS, changed SATA mode from IDE to RAID. Then rebooted and entered Intel Matrix Storage Manager Option ROM Utility. In fact RAID data seemed to be fine. Both hard drives had Member Disk(0) marks and RAID status was Normal. None the less I couldn’t boot my system. After OS selection I saw just black screen.

Solution was simple.  In Option ROM Utility I reseted disks to non-RAID (I have no idea how it’s different from just deleting a RAID volume). Then I loaded Intel Matrix Storage Console from Windows and went Actions -> Create RAID Volume from Existing Hard Drive. In configuration wizard I just chose RAID 1, one drive as source and the other as destination and voila! After an hour I got working RAID 1 configuration without any data loss.


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