Benchmarking InfiniBand

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post called “Activating InfiniBand stack in Linux” there is a perftest package which has simple tests for benchmarking IB bandwidth and latency. Here go my results for default ib_write_bw and ib_write_lat tests. Write, read and send tests results don’t differ much, that’s why I’m posting only write results.

                    RDMA_Write BW Test
Number of qp's running 1
Connection type : RC
Each Qp will post up to 100 messages each time
Inline data is used up to 0 bytes message
  local address:  LID 0x04, QPN 0x18004a, PSN 0xcf8a2e
RKey 0x2c042529 VAddr 0x002af439bf2000
  remote address: LID 0x01, QPN 0x12004a, PSN 0xb446fe,
RKey 0x440428db VAddr 0x002b46ea9b5000
Mtu : 2048
 #bytes #iterations    BW peak[MB/sec]    BW average[MB/sec]
  65536        5000            1350.34               1350.27

                    RDMA_Write Latency Test
Inline data is used up to 400 bytes message
Connection type : RC
   local address: LID 0x04 QPN 0x16004a PSN 0x5d05e8
RKey 0x2a042529 VAddr 0x00000017f88002
  remote address: LID 0x01 QPN 0x10004a PSN 0xb8cade
RKey 0x420428db VAddr 0x00000000ae2002
Mtu : 2048
 #bytes #iterations    t_min[usec]    t_max[usec]  t_typical[usec]
      2        1000           1.16           6.93             1.22

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