HP BladeSystem c3000 Power Subsystem

BladeSystem’s Onboard Administrator provides load of data on power consumption of blades, interconnects and chassis. Here are the basic fields:

  • Present Power – amount of power which is being currently consumed by the whole system.
  • Max Input Power – total amount of power system can draw from line feed. It’s power supply output capacity multiplied by number of power supplies. In my case it’s: 6 x 1200 = 7200 Watts.
  • Power Capacity – amount of power system can draw taking into consideration your power supply redundant status. My configuration is in Power Redundant mode where one power supply is in standby redundant state. Hence Power Capacity for me equals 6000 Watts.
  • Power Allocated – how much power your system can possibly consume in case of CPU load increase, etc. But be carefull, it’s not a theoretical peak for your configuration. This number can change if you power on/power off your blades. Power allocation for power offed blade equals to 0 Watts.

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