Sun StorageTek SL500

I made several pictures of tape library which serves as primary backup facility in our data centre. Here what you can achieve with this library in maximum configuration:

  • 18 drives with more than 9TB/hour throughput.
  • Up to 575 cartridges and 862TB of uncompressed storage.

Our configuration is rather small, 2 drives and 45TB of storage.

Click pictures to enlarge.

Here you can see how robo-arm performs library inventorization by reading barcodes with infrared scanner:

Both tape drives and robot are connected to NetApp filer with SCSI cables. All data is backed up from disk shelves directly to tape library via NDMP protocol. There is no need to feed data through backup server which eliminates any LAN congestion.

Here are connections to NetApp:


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15 Responses to “Sun StorageTek SL500”

  1. Says:

    it seems very nice

  2. Sugaraa B (@Sugaraa_k99) Says:

    Hi. Could you help me about Sun storage sl 500.

  3. niktips Says:

    There are a fixed set of user IDs at a site. The user IDs include admin (customer administrator), service (Oracle support representative), and oem (third-party field service technician). When you log in successfully, the SLC displays your user ID in the status bar of the screen.

  4. Sugaraa B (@Sugaraa_k99) Says:

    Hi Nik. thank you. Could you send email to me Sun storage sl500 connection and linux installation guide? my email address is

  5. niktips Says:

    You can freely download StorageTek SL500 documentation from Oracle web-site.

  6. Sugaraa B (@Sugaraa_k99) Says:

    Ok thank you. I’m reading documentation. Could I connect messenger or E-mail ? get some tip and ask a question?

  7. Sugaraa B (@Sugaraa_k99) Says:

    Hi Nik. Sun storagetek sl500 same as sun storedge l500?

  8. Sugaraa Says:

    Hi NIk What type backup software and Operating system Should I use?

  9. Sugaraa B (@Sugaraa_k99) Says:

    Thank you for your suggestion Nik.

  10. NetApp NDMP with Symantec BackupExec « Niktips's Blog Says:

    […] time ago I uploaded a bunch of photos from the data center, where you can find our backup setup. We connect Sun StorageTek SL500 tape […]

  11. ACC Says:

    My SL500 goes offline when reading tapes. can you possibly give advice?

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