NetApp SSH Connection Times Out

PuTTYPortable_128There is one tricky thing about SSH connections to NetApp filers. If you use PuTTY or PuTTY Connection Manager and you experience frequent timeouts from ssh sessions, you might need to fiddle around with PuTTY configuration options. It seems that there is some issue with how Data ONTAP implements SSH key exchanges, which results in frequent annoying disconnections.

In order to fix that, on PuTTY Configuration screen go to Connection -> SSH -> Bugs and change “Handles SSH2 key re-exchange badly” to ‘On’. That should fix it.


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3 Responses to “NetApp SSH Connection Times Out”

  1. Barry Gestwicki Says:

    Thanks for this tip! I was scratching my head for a moment, trying to figure out why I was getting disconnected when the ssh.idle.timeout option was disabled on my simulator… Now I know!

  2. Ken McGarrity Says:

    I’m crossing my fingers this works! If it does, you’ll be my savior! I have to deal with a lot of NetApp filers and hate getting kicked out all the time while using PuTTY.

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