10 Responses to “NetApp Read Caching”

  1. Rick Lowe (@ricklowe44) Says:

    Thanks enjoyed the write-up. That clears up a lot lot of questions I had

  2. scripthacks Says:

    One key difference between Flash Pools and Flash cache which you may want to add to your post is the limits of Flash Pools in terms of the block size it can cache. Any workload which has a read/write request size greater than or equal to 16KB cannot be cached by a Flash Pool. So, for example using Flash Pools with Exchange data would be a poor idea since the 90% of the request sizes are larger than 16KB. This limitation does not exist with Flash Cache.

  3. Skip Says:

    scripthacks explanation of the request sizes that Flash Pool caches is only partially correct. Flash Pool caches random read requests of ANY size; there is no size limit. The 16KB request size only applies to caching of random writes. This limit was chosen because application analysis showed that smaller overwrites are the ones that are mostly likely to be read soon after being written and thus served from cache.

  4. Babajide Tokosi Says:

    Hello Niktips.

    I have a FAS 8200, 1 DS460c HDD Disk Shelf (120TB), 1 DS224c SSD Disk Shelf (12TB).

    How do i connect the SAS connection between all this devices.

    The SSD disk will be used as Flash Pool

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