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Reducing OS boot time

January 8, 2011

Every time you turn on or reboot your PC you sit in front of it and stupidly wait for it to load OS. If the time it takes to boot is long it becomes annoying especially if you need to reboot it several times. I measured boot time for my PC with WinXp on it and it’s 4m 13s from power on to the moment when HDD LED stops blinking like insane. My feeling is that 4m is too much for me.

What I did was replacing  ancient Kaspersly Antivirus 6 with Kaspersky Crystal. It dropped boot time to 3m 36s. And restoration of my RAID 1 which fell apart some time ago. It further reduced boot time to 2m 33s.

It’s almost a two times less than the baseline and seems enough at this point.