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SuSE autostart

September 20, 2011

Sometimes when you are too lazy to write init.d script or startup sequence is complex and already described in another hand-written script as in my case for IBM WebSphere, it’s handy to put it in system autostart script. Each OS has its own location for this file. It’s /etc/rc.d/rc.local for Slackware and CentOS. This is just a quick post to remember location for SuSE, it’s/etc/init.d/boot.local.


Slackware init scripts

January 18, 2010

A couple of days ago I tried to setup SNMP monitoring on one of our Slackware hosts. I made simple init script in /etc/rc.d directory to boot snmpd but it didn’t startup during host initialization.

It turned out that you have to mention your new startup script in /etc/rc.d/rc.M.