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VMware Update Manager failure

September 20, 2011

VMware Update Manager is the most annoying tool in VI3. Frequent uninformative VMWare Update Manager had a failure errors, large unreadable logs, regular problems with connection between ESX host and Update Manager, especially if server which hosts Virtual Center has several NICs, sporadic bugs in Update Manager which are usually solved by service restart.

Recently I got another VMWare Update Manager had a failure with the following description in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Update Manager\Logs\vmware-vci-log4cpp.log:

[2011-09-13 15:09:15:895 ‘VcTaskMonitor’ 5720 DEBUG] [vcTaskMonitor, 59] VcTaskMonitor destroyed for session[ACE9193D-026B-4E40-9436-548A2F7DD286]2EE1529C-2025-461F-8890-7C4A9DA02822
[2011-09-13 15:09:15:895 ‘InventoryMonitor’ 5824 WARN] [InventoryMonitor, 632] Unexpected filter: session[ACE9193D-026B-4E40-9436-548A2F7DD286]A096575F-8EC0-45A1-BDF9-A1128CFA639B
[2011-09-13 15:09:15:957 ‘SingleHostScanTask.SingleHostScanTask{8}’ 5720 ERROR] [vciTaskBase, 577] Task execution has failed: SingleHostScan : Platform Configuration Error: ERROR: Integrity Error!
Signature 0BFA1C860F0B0A6CF5CD5D2AEE7835B14789B619: keyExpired: 4789B619
ERROR: BundleID:None/Unknown
ERROR: File:/var/spool/esxupdate/contents.xml

This error is described in KB Article: 1030001. It says:

To continue applying patches on ESX 3.5 hosts, the secure key needs to be updated before June 1, 2011.

It means that if you didn’t apply this patch then all updates will fail starting from June 1, 2011. All VMware updates are signed and old key just expired.

To solve this issue download ESX350-201012410-BG and all prerequisites (it was ESX350-201012404 for me), SCP them to ESX host, unzip and install using –nosig option:

# esxupdate -b ESX350-201012410-BG –nosig update